What I have Learned About Nutrition - Mike Thurston

What I have Learned About Nutrition – Mike Thurston

What I’ve Learned About Nutrition Over The Past 10 Years

Mike Thurston

You are what you eat. So prioritize as much as possible to eat the highest quality food you can do.

Mike Thurston

1. The food you are eating

Total calories, protein, fats and carbs. If you don’t eat enough you won’t add mass.

2. Calories – Your calorie intake for the day

Your calorie intake for the day is going to have the biggest effect when it comes to you either building muscle or losing body fat.

3. Consistency

The more consistent I have been with my healthy eating habits the better I’ve looked and more consistent my progress has been.

4. Quality

You want to try and consume as many quality foods as possible. I eat super clean foods which include lots of fruits and vegetables, foods in their natural state which are nutrient dense… I look good, I feel good, my brain is firing, I am energetic, I am alert. My skin also looks better, it looks like I am glowing. I like to eat good clean foods and I avoid junk food.

5. Cheap Meals

I have had my fair share of filthy, dirty, greasy, sugary, calorie dense session of eating but as I got older I came to the realisation that most of the time it is not worthy it. There is a whole host of negative side effects that come after that cheap meal.

6. Knowing Yourself, Know your weaknesses and what is going to throw you off track

This is different for everybody but you have to know yourself.

7. Don’t eat too much food before going to bed

Everytime I do this I regret it the next day and I still make mistakes now and then. If I have a huge meal before lying down and going to sleep I feel really uncomfortable, my belly hurts, I have a really restless sleep, I have really bad gas, I wake up the next day after my terrible sleep, I have a puffy face, I am bloated… I am proper groggy and I have this weird craving for junk food even though I had a large meal before going to bed.

As a general rule of thumb I eat 2-3 hours before going to bed.

8. Always think ahead

I will look at a meal and I think ‘how is this meal going to make me feel after I have consumed it?’ Whenever I have a meal I want to feel as good as possible afterwards. When I work my entire day I want to be full of energy, I want to be immensely alert, I want to be agile. So when I have a meal, I want to know that the meal will allow me to perform and feel my very best…

Think ahead and think smart and you will make good choices

Mike Thurston

9. There will always be bad days

We are going to slip now and then. We are going to deviate from our good eating habits but the key is to minimize the amount of bad days you have. Keep the bad days to a minimum and figure out ways on how you can get back on track as soon as possible.

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