Tonys Cold and Flu Treatment

Tony’s Cold and Flu Treatment

100% Natural Cold and Flu Treatment

I don’t take antibiotics nor any other medication for the cold or the flu. I very seldom have a cold or flu. Should I however get a bad sore-throat or feel that a cold/ flu is on its way my ‘home-treatment’ entails the following:

During meal-time I include the following foods and spices:

Lemon, honey, turmeric (fresh turmeric or in powder), peri-peri (fresh jalapeno or in powder), white or black pepper (freshly ground/ powder), garlic (fresh garlic is more effective), onions – you can easily add these to any meal.

Syrup Recipe

This recipe for a bad Cold or the Flu I learned from my dad. Thank you Dad! I have put it to good effect many a time.

Add into a cup:

  • Grated rind of a full lemon (optional)
  • squeeze an entire lemon
  • half a clove of garlic (slice it into small tiny pieces)
  • half a teaspoon of ginger (in powder)
  • 1 tbspoon honey (preferably raw, unheated and non-radiated honey).

Mix the aforementioned. Do not add any water. Do not warm up. Drink 2x tea-spoons 3x a day. If you prepare the abovementioned syrup in the morning it will last you the entire day.

Have You Got a Sore-Throat?

Add the following into a cup:

  • Half a teaspoon of coarse sea-salt
  • sprinkle some white or black pepper (powder)
  • sprinkle some ginger (powder).

Mix. Place into the microwave for 10 seconds.

Gargle 3 time a day.


Add a dessert spoon of honey to a glass of milk. Warm the milk and honey in a microwave and drink. If you do not mind alcohol, add a single shot of whiskey to the milk. Warm milk and honey? You will certainly sleep better!


Your body needs rest to heal. 8-hour sleep is fundamental for well-being particularly when you have a cold.

Consistency is Key

Do not give up just because at the end of Day #1 of your treatment you did not fully recovered. Continue with the treatment until the cold/ flu is completely gone. A balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, quality protein, complex carbs and healthy fats will strengthen your immune system.

Have a speedy recovery!


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