Sun. May 24th, 2020

1 thought on “Tips for Day-to-Day Diarrhea Relief

  1. When I have diarrhea it is serious… and it lasts a few days. I have over the years tried many things. What works for me: I cut out all diary products (except yogurt*), fruits (in any form fresh or dried) and all vegetables. I reduce my meals to having them 3 times a day. Breakfast entails: 1 boiled egg, 1x slice of toasted white bread and 1x coke. Exactly the same for lunch. At dinner I have some cooked white rice, chicken breast and I drink coke. I also have 2 charcoal tbs at breakfast, lunch and diner (6 charcoal tablets a day). I don’t take any medication for diarrhea.
    I normally have brown rice instead of white. I enjoy rye bread instead of white bread and I seldom have coke! Yet, if it happens I have a running tummy then my diet changes to white rice, white bread and coke as per the above mentioned. It works for me!
    *the yogurt I consume has no colorants nor preservatives of any kind and has live (Bifidobacterium) cultures.

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