This Leg Exercise also works your Core Shoulders and Back - Goblet Stepup

This Leg Exercise also works your Core, Shoulders, and Back – Goblet Stepup

Step up your gains with just one dumbbell. The stepup is a great exercise for building your hamstrings and glutes. You’ll often see guys doing them with a loaded barbell or a set of dumbbells.  But a less-is-more approach can make this move even more effective.

By using a single dumbbell, held in front of your chest like you would in a goblet squat, you’ll turn this targeted leg move into a powerful full-body exercise. “It allows for more of an upright trunk position, which better loads your quads,” Gaddour says. This variation also triggers more core, shoulder, and upper-back engagement. Gaddour’s favorite way to do the exercise: Use a weight that is roughly half of what you would normally use for a stepup.

Instead of counting reps, challenge yourself to stay in motion for 5 to 10 straight minutes.“This tests your stamina and endurance, pretty much from head to toe,” Gaddour says.


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