These Two Traits Could Make You More Attractive to Women

These Two Traits Could Make You More Attractive to Women
They can give away how dominant you are and the emotional state you’re in.
You can be as handsome as a Hollywood action star, but that doesn’t mean you can land a date. We say that because, according to a new review from researchers in Poland, attraction isn’t simply dependent upon your looks, but rather it also takes into account how soothing your voice is and how good you smell.
To come to this conclusion, researchers went back and looked at three decades worth of literature. What they found is that your voice can convey a range of your traits, including how dominant you are, how cooperative you are, what your emotional state is, and even how big your body is. Barry White could’ve told you this 50 years ago.
As if you didn’t have enough to worry about (at least, for those of us with less-than-desirable voices) other reviews found that the way you smell can also allow others to gather similar information. Thankfully, there are hacks for that.
Both senses can tip off a potential mate to whether you’d make a good match or not. “Perceiving others through all three channels gives a more reliable and broader variety of information about them,” said the review’s lead author, Agata Groyecka. Guess it’s time to actually shower instead of just pretending to every day.
Researchers who worked on the project think that this finding is due to an evolutionary advantage that allows people to judge you from far away (i.e. your looks and voice) while also judging you up close (i.e. your odour). And while past research found that people are attracted to those who look like them, this research suggested that they prefer those who smell differently.
“Acoustic and olfactory cues can, separately or in combination, strongly influence the perceived attractiveness of an individual and therefore attitudes and actions and actions towards that person,” said analysts. “Literature about other senses and their role in social relations has grown rapidly and should not be neglected.”
Source: These Two Traits Could Make You More Attractive to Women | Men’s Health

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