The Best and the Worst Cities to Live in

The World – The Best and the Worst Cities to Live in

Global Liveability Index 2022

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released their Global Liveability Index on August 2022, ranking the best and worst cities to live in the world.

172 cities and five categories

The index scored 172 cities in five categories: culture, health care, education, infrastructure, and entertainment.
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Europe and Canada dominate the list of the best cities

European and Canadian cities dominate the list of Most Liveable Cities this year thanks to factors like stability and good infrastructure.

The top 10 best cities to live in

#1 Vienna, Austria

Vienna, in Austria, was ranked as the best place to live in the world because of its good infrastructure, good healthcare and various alternatives for culture and entertainment. It also ranked #1 in 2018 and 2019.

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#2 Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavian cities are known for their great life quality, having free education and healthcare and low crime rates. Furthermore, Copenhagen particularly has a vibrant art and food scene.

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#3 Zurich, Switzerland

Cities in Switzerland tend to rank high among quality of life lists thanks to their well-developed social market economy. Zurich is also extremely well-connected through public transport and it’s a very safe city. However, the cost of living is one of the highest in Europe.

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#4 Calgary, Canada

Calgary has high ratings in safety, healthcare and environmental quality, and even though it endures very cold winters, it is one of the sunniest places in Canada.

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#5 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, on the other hand, has a milder climate than Calgary but is actually less sunny and very rainy. However, it is safe, clean, and has a flourishing and diverse economy and multicultural environment.

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#6 Geneva, Switzerland

Besides having a lot of nature around it, Geneva has really good education and a ton of leisure activity options. However, as it happens with Zurich, the cost of living is pretty high.

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#7 Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt has high ratings in travel connectivity, safety and healthcare. But it particularly stands out for its business freedom, which looks at the ability to start, close and operate a business, among other factors.

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#8 Toronto, Canada

Toronto is internationally known as a center of finance and business, as well as for the film and television industry. It’s also a great place for entrepreneurs, as it ranks 10/10 in the startup index.

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#9 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities on the planet. It is also one of the best cities in Europe for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it has great cultural diversity and well-developed infrastructure.

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#10 Osaka, Japan

Osaka is an extremely safe city to live in, rating 10/10 in that category. It also has very high ratings in housing, business freedom and healthcare.

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#10 Melbourne, Australia

This year, Melbourne and Osaka tied in 10th place. Melbourne stands out for its free business environment and good healthcare. It also has high ratings in startups, safety and environmental quality. Furthermore, it has a multicultural art and food scene.

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What about US cities?

Even though the US didn’t make it to the top 10, the most liveable city in the US in 2022 is Atlanta, Georgia, ranking 26 on the list. Not far behind is Washington, D.C. on the 30th position.

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The worst cities to live in

The global liveability index also ranked the worst cities in the world to live in. What they all seem to have in common are serious social and political issues, and safety concerns.

#1 Damascus, Syria

Damascus, in Syria, is the oldest capital in the world and a major cultural center for the Arab world. However, what makes Syria the worst place to live in is the ongoing violent civil war.

#2 Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, the cultural capital of Nigeria, made the list because, according to the U.S. Department of State, it is known for crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping and maritime crime.

#3 Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli, the capital of Libya, makes the list because of its civil war. Even though it ended in 2020, violence hasn’t come to an end. Far from it, there are growing fears of a new civil war, given deadly clashes between rival groups on August.

#4 Algiers, Algeria

The capital of Algeria makes the list because of increasing terrorist activity due to the presence of Islamist groups. Furthermore, there’s a lack of basic services and high unemployment.

#5 Karachi, Pakistan

Ethnopolitical, sectarian, militant, and criminal violence plagues Pakistan’s largest city and commercial center Karachi. A failure of the major political parties to agree to a solution threatens to destabilize all of Pakistan.

#6 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Following conflict and election-related violence in Papua New Guinea, more than 15,000 people have been internally displaced. This has also led to a disruption of education and a lack of basic services.

#7 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Social, ethnic, and religious conflicts are latent in Bangladesh, and it reflects in its capital’s daily life. Furthermore, Bangladesh is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, and most at risk from climate change.

#8 Harare, Zimbabwe

With a very violent political culture, security forces have committed human rights’ violations that have not been addressed. Other human rights concerns include a severe water and sanitation crisis, forced evictions, and child marriages. 


#9 Douala, Cameroon

Douala is a coastal city in southwest Cameroon and the country’s economic capital. According to Human Rights Watch, at least 4,000 civilians have been killed by both government forces and armed separatist fighters since 2016 in the midst of an armed conflict that seeks independence for Anglophone regions.

#10 Teheran, Iran

Since a dictatorial regime took over Iran in 1979, its capital, Teheran, is not the flourishing city it once was. Human rights abuses have been committed by the government ever since, and have just been getting worse after the ongoing social protests that started in August.


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