The Perfect Pull Up – Do it right!

The pull up is one of the best exercises anyone can do. It involves many muscles. To do the perfect pull up consider the following issues:

  • Do the full range of motion
  • perform the pull up with strength not momentum
  • control the movement the whole time – slowly up and slowly down
  • pull yourself evenly (apply even pressure on both sides to avoid imbalances)

Width of your Grip

  • you can choose from wide to a close grip
  • avoid a very wide grip as it can lead to shoulder injury
  • use a shoulder wide or slightly wider than shoulder wide
  • different grips will work different parts of your arms

Shoulder blade Movement

  • pull the shoulder blades down
  • bend your arms and pull the shoulder blades together
  • avoid round shoulders

Body Position

  • The 2 most used body positions: some people prefer the Straight or Hollow Body pull up others prefer the Arched Back pull up
  • the Straight pull up works your core
  • legs: you can cross your legs should you so wish. Should you cross your legs it will be easier to stabelise the movement.

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