The Niren Singh Memorial 5K Walk and 15K Hike Klipriviersberg-6 Feb 2022

The Niren Singh Memorial 5K Walk and 15K Hike Klipriviersberg – 6 Feb 2022

Niren Singh

Niren Singh

28 Jan 1965 – 9 July 2021

Gallery – The Niren Singh Memorial 5K Walk and 15K Hike Klipriviersberg – 6 Feb 2022

Thank you to the Hosts David, Harry and Sylvia for today’s walk and hike. This event should have taken place a week ago but it had to be postponed due to rain. Thank you to all who participated and thank you to David, Sylvia and Tony for the photos. Looking forward to the next hike in a month’s time.

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Eulogies to Niren Singh

I will never forget the time I injured my calf muscle on a hike with Niren… We used to host the Hennops hike together. I told Niren to please continue the hike with the rest of the group, and that I would be OK… I eventually managed to get to the end, more than an hour after the group had finished. I found Niren waiting for me to make sure I finished and I was safe…. This says much about Niren… Never to be forgotten….

David Goodman

When we see a wide brimmed olive green bush hat and a hiking stick, our friend and hike group leader Niren Singh’s picture comes to us, of moments along the trail when we paused to refresh, and swop stories and philosophies, which we would continue with at the post hike Brunches, such enjoyable company. Niren, the all rounder, giving guidance on the trail, guidance for navigating through your daily living, in an unassuming, matter of fact way, his hallmark approach, a remarkable person….

Jan Whitehead

It was so lovely to do the memorial hike for Niren today and all the animals came out to the playground in his honour. He used to love looking at them and we don’t normally see so many on a Sunday and I think they were there especially for Niren today.

Niren was such a lovely person inside and out. He always had time and a kind word for everyone. He would lead the hikes and try to chat to everyone, and always help us across the rivers and streams. I remember the one hike where I fell and he used up his whole bottle of savlon on my hand. The one time my water was frozen, he poured half his bottle into my container so that I could have something to drink. Nothing was too much effort for him and he would share whatever he had.

He loved his family and would tell me all about his mum and daughter, and how proud he was of them. I think the wedding was a highlight in his life, and even surpassed his many travels. I went to Cambodia and told Niren about it, and he was there! I went to Rio and he followed suite, because the hikes were a great source of information and sharing for Niren and I know he enjoyed every step he took.

He was so excited when he took his mum on the one trip, and he loved talking about how they climbed the steps and he was so happy sharing that with her.

We will all miss Niren greatly, and he has left a huge void in our lives as well as in the hiking fraternity. We won’t ever forget him and will always remember him more so every time we hike.

RIP Niren, an awesome friend and hiking buddy.

Sylvia Vermaak

Niren joined our Meetup Group 9 years ago. He attended 292 (two hundred and ninety two events) events many of which he co-hosted.

I smile when I think back of the many fun meetings we hosted together. Many (many!!) breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners, langarm/ sokkie dances at the Portuguese as well as at the Italian Clubs, the Melville Koppies Walk, The Kensington Walk, Hikes at Hennops, Suikerbosrand and…

He and I co-hosted more than 60 hikes at Klipriviersberg. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who along the years have co-hosted the many successful hikes at Klipriviersberg: David, Estelle, Harry, Ilona, Jamila, Lana, Natasha, Nicholas Britton, Pamela, Sylvia…

Many of you will recall the lunches we had at Thaba Ya Eco Hotel with Ilona, Jan and Niren; the ‘Singles Dinners’ at Adega Bedfordview; the amazing ‘Christmas in July’ dinners with Joey Meyer and Niren at Adega Bedfordview; the very successful ‘Business Networking’ Dinners with Jacqueline Bayes, Niren and I at the Sandton Sun and later at the Wanderers Club.

Estelle, Niren and I would go horse riding in Bronkhorstspruit. Estelle and Niren hosted many successful evenings at the Chicago Piano Bar and I almost forgot, Niren couldn’t wait for Dave Kruger’s well attended skiing events in Lesotho – life can be fun!

He was good with people: Niren liked people and people liked Niren. He was intelligent, had a flair for business and he was wise. Niren was always ready to give guidance to someone else. He was a happy person – but he was truly happy when those around him were happy. He was sincere, he was successful in life and he was humble.

Thank you for your friendship Niren.

Tony Sousa

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Oh what a hike.

Rated 5 out of 5
December 7, 2022

Sylvia and Shivesh were very fit before they got injured. Hiking with them, together with Tony was an awesome experience. 🌳🤸🏾‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

I’m so happy that they are recovering well.

Avatar for Teslar Ngeleza
Teslar Ngeleza

Response from

Absolutely fantastic having you in our Group Teslar. The accidents were unfortunate but thank God thet are both on the road to full recovery. Looking forward to the next hike😎🥾🌳🌄🌻

Thank you for organising this amazing experience for us

Rated 5 out of 5
November 8, 2022

Everything fell into place perfectly on Sunday. It din’t rain throughout the hike, while a cool breeze blew, cooling us beautifully as we made our way through the nature reserve.

It was a pleasant surprise to see how the landscape has changed from the brown and barren winter look to beautiful, green and lush vegetation.

One can feel the rejuvination and healing because of being in such natural surroundings.

I also enjoyed the company of people who took part in the hike.

I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Thank you Tony, David and Jason for organising and hosting yet another awesome hike.😊✨️

Avatar for Teslar Ngeleza
Teslar Ngeleza

Response from

Thank you so much for your comment Teslar and for the 5 Star rating. Yes, remarkable how good rain at the right time turns a brownish Nature Reserve into a fresh and lush green Nature Reserve. Klipriviersberg can be enjoyed throughout the year: each season has its beauty. Thanks for being one of the Organisers and thank you for contributing to the success of our hikes at Klippies🙏😎🥾🌞

Stunning Klippies

Rated 5 out of 5
September 5, 2022

Beautiful photos as usual. I do miss the trails at Klippies.

Avatar for Dave Rademan
Dave Rademan

Response from

Thank you Dave. We certainly miss your great company and the fantastic photos you always took of our hikes at Klipriviersberg. Enjoy your walks, running and hiking in good old Durbs⛵🌊

The hiking was amazing as usual. I has becoming a great way to improve y fitness. Thank you again Tony for always organizing this event

Rated 5 out of 5
June 5, 2022

An absolutely spectacular location, and a helpful organizer. I really enjoyed the hike.

Avatar for Mfundenhle Sequeira
Mfundenhle Sequeira

Response from

Thank you very much for your review Mfundenhle Sequeira. Klipriviersberg is indeed a spectacular location and we are very fortunate having such helpful hosts. I am delighted you enjoyed the hike. Please do join us again👍👌🙏😎

Hiking celebrates life

Rated 5 out of 5
May 2, 2022

Hiking becomes a way of life, putting one foot after the next a motto to traverse life’s obstacles. I enjoy the care and sense of inclusion Tony and Jason provide to all participants. My brother and I joined the 15 km group, as I love the red trail, but due to work obligations, we left earlier, completing just under 8km. As always, Kliprivier provides options for all levels of fitness with beautiful scenery. Meeting a variety of people makes the journey more interesting. Thank you for the photos 😃

Avatar for Elzette Fritz
Elzette Fritz

Response from

To put one foot in front of the other, that is what one does on a hike and that indeed is how life is. Thank you so much for your kind words Elzette and please do join us whenever you can. Keep up the good work!

Experiential hike 🙂

Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Completed a 15km hike with Tony, Dave and Sylvia. What makes a great hike besides the beautiful scenery, are great hiking hosts. Tony and team are so warm and welcoming and very inclusive throughout the hike, thank you for the hospitality! Lovely hike, lovely people!

Avatar for Sonia

Kliprivier FitnFunNow Hike

Rated 5 out of 5
February 14, 2022

What a fulfilling experience spending quality time being in touch with nature. The beautiful mountain views , aroma of beautiful plants and trees, the sound of flowing river and water falls…full therapeutic package 🌳 ⛰ 😍

Avatar for Ella Mani
Ella Mani

Hike at Klipriversberg Nature Reserve

Rated 5 out of 5
January 3, 2022

Was an amazing hike around some amazing fauna and flora. The people that you meet are friendly and always good to meet new people. Strongly recommend it.

Avatar for Jason Adriaanzen
Jason Adriaanzen

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