The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020

The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020

The Annual Kensington Jacaranda Walk event departed from the 115 year old Kensington Sports Club, into the hilly suburb and streets lined with Jacaranda and Oak trees planted some 120 years ago by William Nelson, plant nursery owner. There are over 100kms of trees planted in Kensington. Max Langerman, a Johannesburg Town Councillor established Kensington in 1897, and many historical architectural structures and landmarks form the heritage of this stately suburb.

Wonderful Photos of Kensington’s Beauty

Isabella Pingle

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The Kensington Bowling Club

The Kensington Bowling Club is the oldest bowling club in Johannesburg. It was established in 1914.

Roberts Ave Mansions (Egoli Flats)

Built in 1932 utilising skilled bricklaying and masonry work.

Langerman Kop and Gunnion Pass

Langerman Kop

Gunnion Pass

Jeppe Boys High School

Named after Julius Jeppe. Designed by renowned British Architect Sir Herbert Baked and built in 1909. Prime Minister Jan Smuts unveiled the First World War Monument at the school in 1926.

Scottish Horse Memorial

The Scottish Horse Memorial was erected ion memory of the officers and menwho died during the Anglo-Boer War in 1901-1902.

Highland Road and Kensington Castle

Built by Samuel Scott Wilson in 1911, a replica of the Rothesay on-Bute Castle in Scotland.

Jeppe Girls High School

Designed by Sir Herbert Baker and built in 1918.

Our gratitude to:

and last and most importantly to all who attended.

Did I forget the photographers? Thank you most sincerely to Dave Rademan, Dev, Lara, Marion Kate and Tony de Sousa. Amazing photos!!!

  • The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020
  • The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020
  • The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020
  • The Kensington Jacaranda Walk 2020

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