The Body of a Rower – World Rowing FISA


  • Rowing is a beautiful mixture of endurance and power
  • rowing is physically one of the hardest sports because you are using every muscle group
  • you need to be strong aerobically as the 2000m event is grueling – nobody comes as a complete package
  • you can get a 100Kg sculler on a 40Kg boat
  • the perfect rower? being 1.95 – 1.99m in height  and weighing 94 – 98Kg can help
  • tall people could have an advantage. Also important are strong legs, the trunk and the core
  • you have to be fit from head to toe
  • it is not only the large muscle groups but the small muscles used to stabilising your core
  • important for women – lower body, glutes, hamstrings
  • a performing female needs exactly the same characteristics as a performing male does
  • a good lightweight rower is longer than he is strong
  • just because you are tall does not mean that you are a good rower
  • there are short people and there are tall people – both can be good in rowing.

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