The Bedfordview Sunday Walk, Run and Brunch – 2018 Aug 26

August is windy month in this part of the world. We had strong winds in Johannesburg yesterday (33Km/h) and the forecast for today were even stronger winds. Well, the good news is that we had beautiful blue skies and practically no wind at all.

We had a group of enthusiastic walkers and runners. Thanks to everyone who joined us. We had 3 small groups: the 8K run, the 8K walk and the 2.5K walk. No excuse not to join us!!

Pieter Mattheus is a Star: he did the 5Km (3.1 miles) Park Run yesterday, the 10Km (6.21 miles) earlier this morning and then not to drop anyone he joined us for the 8.77Km (5.44 miles)… ‘back to back’ runs, Ladies and Gentlemen –  talking about being fit…

Spring is in the air, the temp was 24C and trees are turning green everywhere. This is my favourite Season!

Following the walk and run we had a tasty brunch and a fantastic social. I enjoyed a delicious Danish Pastry, fried eggs and chips* and great filter coffee.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to Pieter, Sylvia and Tony for the photos.

*On Sundays, I am a “follower” of the “80-20 Diet”…

The Bedfordview Sunday Walk, Run and Brunch – 2018 Aug 26



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