My First 26 Km on a Wattbike

A Wattbike is an indoor training bike that replicates the smooth feel of the road and measures your performance with

How to Set Wattbike Cadence and Resistance

  Wattbike The Wattbike is fully adjustable, allowing you to replicate everything from a flat sprint to a steep climb. In

How To Use The Wattbike Performance Monitor


Best and Worst Salads for Your Health

“The fruit adds sweetness and antioxidants. The nuts give you protein, fiber, and healthy fat. This mix of nutrients makes

70-Year-Old Jeannie Rice Ran Insanely Fast the 2018 Chicago Marathon

Jeannie Rice smashed 3:30 and set an age-group world record. Read on… Running fans who were paying attention to the Chicago

Why the Nordic Diet is good for you

1/16 Where’s It From? The Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Greenland. The “Nordic diet” is based on their

Sunday Morning Hike, Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 7 Oct 2018

A beautiful morning with blue skies and no wind. We were a large group of friendly people. Thanks to Sylvia

How To Meal Prep For The Entire Week | Bodybuilding Shredding Diet Meal Plan For Men and Women

Meal designed for men and women who want to cut body fat and build lean muscle mass.     Remington James

10K Run, Bedfordview – 2018 Sept 16

The winter is over so be sure to enjoy the fantastic weather and the great outdoors. This morning it was

The Truth About Carbs

1/14 What Are Carbs? They’re one of three types of food that give your body energy. The other two are