My Year in Sport 2022

My Year in Sport – 2022

Another year and it flew by so quickly… I am glad I did a few workouts, not as many as I would have liked but unfortunately there are time constraints. It was great being in contact with fellow amateur athletes (and some pros), learning from them and getting inspired by them. Strava is a great …

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My Year in Sport 2019

Thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me. If I compare my results of ‘Year in Sport 2019’ to the results of those I follow on Strava such as Hans S. (Netherlands), Mark Mendes (South Africa), Mike Ramseyer (UK), Jonny Wignall (UK), Trevor Silvera (the Philippines – who cycles some 70 Kms/ day) then my …

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My 1H Wattbike PB

Yesterday I got up with a massive sore-throat. In the past this would be an indication that a bad cold would follow. Due to work commitments yesterday I wasn’t able to do my treatment for the cold but fortunately the sore-throat subsided. This morning I hardly had a sore-throat. Nonetheless I wan’t feeling strong enough …

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60K Wattbike Ride – My PB

It was all systems go today: the WiFi at Virgin Active worked without interruptions and so did the Wattbike App. I felt strong throughout the workout. When I reached 50Kms I knew I could easily do another 10K (or even 20K). I decided to continue for another 10K to bring the total to 60K (a …

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How To Set Up Your Wattbike

Saddle Height Stand up next to your bike in your shoes with your heel pushed against the rear stabiliser adjust the saddle so that the top of it is in line with the top of your hip bone when you sit on your saddle make sure that your leg is straight at the bottom of …

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How to Set Wattbike Cadence and Resistance

  Wattbike The Wattbike is fully adjustable, allowing you to replicate everything from a flat sprint to a steep climb. In this video you’ll discover the perfect cadence and resistance for your session. Wattbike is the chosen indoor training tool for many cyclists, from complete beginners to Olympic athletes and everyone in between. The Wattbike feels …

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