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Rowing and your Muscles

Rowing is a coordinated muscle action that involves every large muscle group in the body. The following sections illustrate the primary muscles used during each movement of the rowing stroke. 1. The Catch 2. The Drive 3. The Finish 4. The Recovery Click on an image to enlarge it Sources: Daily Burn Dynamic Indoor Rowers …

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The Best Piece of Gym Equipment You Are Not Using

by SARA HENDERSHOT* Overview The rowing machine. You’ve seen it in the corner of countless gyms, lonely and unused. So what is this thing? How do you use it? And why should you give this machine a try? Bottom line: You won’t get a better full-body workout on any other piece of equipment in the …

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Learn to Row – Videos

How to Set Up Your Scull World-class rower Charlotte Hollings shows you how to set up your scull, get in, and push away from the dock. Watch as she demonstrates how to position your oars properly, balance the boat for entry, and adjust your rig height for optimum performance. Filmed on the private lake owned …

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