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Red Bean Lentil Soup

Red Bean Lentil Soup – Tasty and Nutritious

Know your Leafy Greens

1/16 What’s So Great About Greens? They’re super foods at their finest, rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals. High in fiber and low in calories, greens can help manage your weight while special plant compounds may lower your risk of some cancers, heart disease, and osteoporosis (a disease that causes brittle bones). And yes, …

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15 Picks for Your Perfect Smoothie

1/17 Blended Bliss The perfect smoothie can satisfy your sweet tooth without a lot of calories — but with bunch of nutrients. Looking for cool ideas to throw in your blender? There are plenty of options for you to try. 2/17 Avocados They’ll give your smoothie weight, thickness, and a silky texture. Yes, they’re full …

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