The Body of a Rower – World Rowing FISA

WorldRowingFISA Rowing is a beautiful mixture of endurance and power rowing is physically one of the hardest sports because you are using every muscle group you need to be strong aerobically as the 2000m event is grueling – nobody comes as a complete package you can get a 100Kg sculler on a 40Kg boat the …

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9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Men

Goals: The one thing that separates a training program from just an exercise program. If you want to stay consistent with your workouts and get better results from your efforts, you need something to shoot for. To get the athletic and muscular body you’ve always envisioned (not to mention the performance and fitness levels to …

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Videos – USRowing

Good Rowing 2 USA Olympic M8+ Morning Training Row After training in Chula Vista, CA for the majority of the summer, the M8+ spent a week in Princeton. This was their final row on Carnegie Lake the day before flying over to London. A little over an hour on the water, with their final long …

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