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Seattle Scientist Summits Mt. Kilimanjaro to Fight Cancer, Raise Money

Imagine hiking at an altitude of 17,000 to 18,000 feet (5182 – 5486 m) for hours. You’re exhausted walking back to camp, but then you’re greeted with 100 or more people singing loudly. This is exactly how the guides, porters, cooks, and crew greeted 27 Climb to Fight Cancer climbers on Mt. Kilimanjaro each day …

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Why Sitting too Much is Bad for your Health

Sitting for too long may have huge implications in your well-being from varicose veins to heart disease and cancer. Read on… 1/14 It Hurts Your Heart Scientists first noticed something was up in a study that compared two similar groups: transit drivers, who sit most of the day, and conductors or guards, who don’t. Though …

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Health Benefits of Pumpkin

1/12 Beta Carotene Boost  Just like their orange cousins, the carrot and the sweet potato, pumpkins are rich in beta carotene. Your body changes this antioxidant to vitamin A. You need vitamin A to see, ward off germs, and for your reproductive system to work the way it should. It also helps your heart, lungs, …

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Heath Benefits of Hot Peppers

1/15 Banish Migraines Spray hot pepper up your nose? Sure, it may sting. But it also may stop your migraine pain. The spray has a special formula of capsaicin, a chemical in the part of the pepper that holds the seeds. It numbs your brain’s trigeminal nerve, where some migraines and severe headaches start. Seven out …

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Why is Flaxseed Good for Me?

What They Are Flax, a crop cultivated since ancient times, produces fibers that are processed into linen cloth. The plant’s seeds (aka linseeds) are used as cattle feed and, when eaten regularly by humans, impart fantastic health and nutritional benefits. The Dirty Deets Flax seeds are coated in shells that serve as armor against your digestive …

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Cancer Fighting Foods

Mounting evidence shows that the foods we eat weigh heavily in the war against cancer. As researchers continue to wage war against cancer, many have begun to focus on what could be the most promising ammunition to date: diet. “The easiest, least-expensive way to reduce your risk for cancer is just by eating a healthy …

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