Lebert EQualizer bars

Fitness Equalizer Bars

I purchased a set of Fitness Equalizer Bars. They are readily available at Amazon. One set includes 2 bars. These Fitness Equalizer Bars have an incredible amount of features: sturdy yet light-weight you can use them anywhere: in your home, office, gym or you can place them in the boot of your car and take them …

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24 Moves for the BodyRock Challenger

Full Workouts, one piece of equipment! BodyRock 24 Moves for the BodyRock Challenger: Seated Dip Oblique Tucks Tuck V Abs Mountain Climber Inner Thigh Lift (Back) Elevated Push Ups Kick Over Lunges Plank Side Knee Tuck Bebt Over Rows TRX London Bridge Front Raise Lifts Reverse Pull Up Single Leg Reverse Pull Up One Arm …

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Janine Delaney on the Lebert EQualizer® bars

Build lean muscles by using the Lebert EQualizer® bars! Simple design, dramatic results! Lebert Fitness Inc.

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