20 Top Fit and Fun Cities to Live and Visit 2022

Survey – 20 Top Fit and Fun Cities to Live and Visit 2022

Take the FitandFunNow Survey and tell us which are the Top ‘Fit and Fun’ cities to live and visit… There are many cities in the world that are Fit and Fun to live and visit. Share your likes with us. We are looking for cities that offer as many of the following options as possible:

  • friendliness of the people
  • a city that actively encourages/ gives priority to pedestrians, bikes and effective public transport
  • walkable, clean and safe streets
  • easy to cross the city using cycle paths/ bike lanes
  • availability of parks, fitness centers and gyms
  • clean air
  • a city that speaks to all: a city that encourages non-discrimination w.r.t. gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, other
  • arts and culture
  • dining.

Check the boxes in the Google Form below. You can choose as many cities as you like. You can fill out the form only once but you can edit your response at anytime. You can also see responses from other people who completed the survey (respondents’ identity will remain anonymous). On December 1, 2022 we will announce the 20 cities that got the most votes. Enjoy the survey and thanks for your time👍👌.

Looking forward to your comment

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