Sunday Morning Hike Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 6 October 2019

Sunday Morning Hike Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 6 October 2019

It was a bit windy early this morning but the wind soon subsided. We had blue skies throughout and it got hot (30C – 86F). The beauty of Klipriviersberg is that you can hike there all year round.

Thanks to all who participated. Young Mohammed (6 year old) was part of our Group again today. Whilst we did the 11Km (6.8 miles) Mohammed covered twice that distance because he kept running back and forth.

People asked the whereabouts of the other Organisers who co-host Hikes at Klipriviersberg. Someone also asked what happened to the hikes at Klipriviersberg that included a picnic.

In reply:

  • Ilona Bursky is on an extended visit to Germany. A few days ago whilst cycling someone drove into Ilona. She fell, broke her pelvic bone and is now recovering. Ilona says hello.
  • Jan Whitehead pulled a ligament in his leg and he hopes that as soon at it heals he can return to hosting. He sends his regards.
  • Niren Singh is gallivanting around the world again. He is in the Far East this time. He says that he loves Klipriviersberg but Phuket beaches are even more fun. Niren sends warm greetings from Phuket.

The Group sends wishes of a speedy recovery to Ilona and Jan and wishes of a fantastic holiday to Niren.

By the way, for those of you who do not follow Rugby, just for the record, South Africa beat Italy at the Rugby World Cup last week. South Africa will face Canada this coming Tuesday. Go bokke!

Besides the great social and beautiful surrounds it was a good workout. Calories? 990!



10.8 Km

Total Time




Avg Speed

4.3 Km/h

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