Sunday Morning Hike, Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 2019 April 7

Blue skies, very pleasant hiking temperature 17C (63F) – 23C (73F), a great workout and good company.

We had two groups viz. the 11K hike and the 5K walk. The 10.65Km was done in 3h 17mins (969 calories).

Thanks to all who participated. A BIG thank you to the co-Hosts David, Jan and Sylvia.

Bon voyage to Sylvia who will shortly be departing on holiday to Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu Falls.

At the lookout point
The 11K Group at the Silent Pool
Taking a short break…
The water looks so inviting…
The 5K Group at the Silent Pool
Irina’s health has improved to such an extent that she was able to do the 11K hike with us. Well done Irina!
Hello Michael
My friend Richard and Harry (L to R). Harry is a first-timer. Welcome Harry.
Good to see Mike, Sylvia and Lidia (my ex-kick boxing partners)
Best hiking photo!
The 3 very fortunate ladies who will be doing ‘El Camino’ (de Santiago) later in the year
My friend David did not bring his super expensive camera today
Another hill… the last one
Friends David, Sylvia and Richard
Sylvia doing her daily pull-ups. Thanks Jacques
A most enjoyable hike. Thanks to all.

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      Thanks Caroline, it was an enjoyable outing. We are indeed blessed with the weather…

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