Sunday Morning Hike Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 1 September 2019

For many of us the 1st of September means Spring even though Spring in the Southern Hemisphere begins on the 23rd September. But hey, we can celebrate the arrival of Spring on the 1st as well as on the 23rd.

It was an early morning with deep blue skies and a cool 5C (41F). Things warmed up pretty quick as we climbed to the top of the first lookout point. By the time we returned to the car-park it was a pleasant 22C (71.6F).

We had three young hikers with us today: they were 7-, 9- and 11-years old. Well done to the three of them.

It was good seeing Tommy and his Spouse whom I hadn’t seen since our hike at Melville Koppies a few years ago.

It wasn’t a very large group but it definitely had an international flair. Citizenship including: Australian, British, Dutch, Mauritian, Moroccan, Portuguese and South African. Thanks to Sylvia for co-hosting at very short notice and thank you to all who participated.

Besides the great social and beautiful surrounds it was a good workout. Calories? 1010!



11.1 Km

Total Time




Avg Speed

4.2 Km/h

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