Sunday Morning Hike and Walk Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 4 Oct 2020

Sunday Morning Hike and Walk Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 4 Oct 2020

Our 1st hike and walk at Klipriviersberg since the 2nd February. It was good being back. We took the masks off as soon as we got going…

Jan Whitehead was involved in an accident and he could not host the 5K walk but he organised Harry Meyer to help us out. Thank you Harry for hosting the 5K and for sharing you vast knowledge and experience of the Nature Reserve.

Harry organises weekly walks at Klipriviersberg as well as around Johannesburg – get hold of him should you like to join his walks.

Thank you to Dave, Niren and Sylvia for co-hosting the 11K hike. Great seeing you all again. Thank you to all the participants who attended the hike and walk.

Welcome to Rohan who lived in the UK and in the Middle East for many years and has now returned home. Much success on your stay in South Africa Rohan.

It rained yesterday and according to the weather bureau more rain is forecast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We enjoyed blue skies today – sometimes we do things right!

Our group was not very large but the car-park was chock-a-block and for the first time ever (in 8 years!!!) most of us had to park our vehicles outside. Fortunately there were car guards. Dave and Niren commented that all Nature Reserves in this province are now very well patronized… this is good news.

Photos courtesy of Bernadine, Ravi, Rohan, Sylvia and Tony.

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