Sunday Morning Hike and Walk Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 2 Feb 2020

Sunday Morning Hike and Walk Klipriviersberg Johannesburg – 2 Feb 2020

A large group attended our hike and walk this morning. We enjoyed blue skies throughout and the nature reserve continues beautifully green.

It was great meeting friends, meeting people and making new friends.

Thanks to all who attended. Welcome to Craig Jones originally from Canada but now based in Ireland. There were a few American ladies in our group – please do join us again on future hikes.

Jan hosted a large 5K walk today. Thanks to David, Jan and Niren for co-hosting.

Lastly but certainly not least I would like to mention a special lady who gave us the pleasure of her company. She is Lana Kinley.

Lana Kinley and Nicholas Britain introduced hiking to our group ‘Fun Seekers Johannesburg’. At the time our Group had a few hundred Members. Today we have over fifteen thousand Members!

Lana and Nicholas hosted the very first hike at Hennops, followed by hikes at Klipriviersberg and Heidelberg (Suikerbosrand).

Lana went on to host and co-host many of our hikes and walks: Melville Koppies, Mountain Sanctuary Park, the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, etc… Since then David Goodman and Niren Singh have followed in Lana’s footsteps and done a sterling job at Hennops and Klipriviersberg.

All this preamble to say: Welcome back Lana!

May I take this opportunity to mention the names of other hosts who have contributed to our successful hikes and walks: Dave Funnell, David Kruger, Djamila Grosch, Hester Smit, Ilona Bursky, Jacques, Jan Whitehead and Sylvia Vermaak.

Ilona doesn’t like us anymore thus the reason she is still in Germany (just kidding…).

May I conclude by saying that anyone who has hiked and walked with us (we started this in 2014) has contributed to our Group’s success. Thank you all!



10.84 Km

Total Time




Avg Speed

4.3 Km/ h

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Ladies and Gentlemen, join us on the next hike and walk at Klipriviersberg.

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