Sunday Hiking and Walking – Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – 4 Feb 2018

Sunday Hiking and Walking - Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve - 4 Feb 2018
We had good hiking weather 15C (59F) at 5:30am and it gradually warmed up.
We separated into our 3 groups (5k walk, 12K hike and 15H hike). It was a verdant Klipriviersberg as fortunately, we have been experiencing reasonably good rains over the past few weeks.
The heavy downpour of the previous night must have disturbed the ants habitat – there were ants everywhere … and if you stopped they would crawl up your legs in no time. Interestingly there were no ants at the Silent Pool nor at the Beacon but other than these two points the reserve was teeming with ants. In some of the photos you will see some of us trying getting rid of the ants.
We saw blesbok, wildebeest and zebra. An unfriendly looking wildebeest wasn’t far from our path as we descended from the beacon. He soon moved away.
We met a group of teenagers who were completely lost and didn’t have much water on them. They joined us for the remaining of the hike.
We had a large group – welcome to all those who join us regularly; welcome to everyone who joined us for the first time and welcome to Steve originally from New York State but now based in London. Steve is spending a week in Johannesburg on business and he made time to hike with us.
It is always interesting listening to the experiences of South Africans who lived abroad and have since returned home: Loretta lived 10 years in Dubai, Warren spent a couple of months in Fort Lauderdale and Mauritius. It was also a homecoming for Dave who just returned from a 3-week holiday to Australia.
After the hike, quite a large group attended lunch at Thaba’s Kraal Restaurant. Once again we enjoyed great company and a tasty lunch.
Thanks to the co-Hosts Jan and Ilona and thanks again to all who attended the walk, hike and the lunch. We met friends and made new friends.
Join us on the next Hike and Walk at Klipriviersberg on the 4th March for a great outing and workout.


Sunday Hiking and Walking - Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve - 4 Feb 2018

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