Sunday Hiking and Walk-Klipriviersberg­ Nature Reserve – 3 Sept 2017

Johannesburg celebrated the arrival of Spring with fantastic weather: it was a cold 6C (43F) at 5am which gradually warmed up to 24C (75F) by midday. A sunny, cloudless day throughout…
Sunday Hiking and Walk-Klipriviersberg­ Nature Reserve - 3 Sept 2017-2
It was great meeting “old” friends and making new friendships. Welcome to all newcomers and willkommen bei Brody Willys und Wiebke Boeke.
We separated into our 3 groups lead my Jan Whitehead (5Km walk), Niren Singh (11Km hike) and my group’s 13Km hike. We had an enjoyable morning and a good workout. Thanks to Jan and to Niren for co-hosting and to all who participated.
Afterwards some of us headed to Thaba Ya Eco Hotel for an enjoyable lunch. My grilled hake was very tasty. On the down side the chocolate milkshake was a disappointment. This sentiment was shared by Niren – it is the 2nd time in a row that the chocolate milkshake is not up to scratch.. it used to be the best in the land… oh well, I will have to upgrade to a nice cold beer next time round.
Have a great week and I look forward seeing you at the next hike and walk.

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