Sunday Hike and Lunch - 5 June 2016-6

Sunday Hike and Lunch – 5 June 2016

There was heavy fog as we approached Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. It was great meeting friends and newcomers. For the first kilometer we couldn’t see where we were walking… finally the weather cleared and we enjoyed a sun-filled day for the rest of the hike.
Yageshree commented that her Mom maintains that if there is heavy mist/ fog in a winter highveld morning it will eventually turn into a beautiful sunny day – and that is what we got (I suppose Moms are always right!?).
Thanks to everyone who participated on this hike; to Niren for co-hosting (we missed Ilona but she joined the group for lunch); to everyone who joined us for lunch after the hike and thanks to Billy and Catherine for the photos.
The lunch and social were great. Thaba Ya has some of the best chocolate milkshake around – try it next time you are at the venue. Interesting to see I “converted” some Fun Seekers to choc milkshake. Besides being soooooooooooo.. delicious it will restore your energy in no time.

Sunday Hike and Lunch - chocolate milkshake
Thaba Ya Eco Hotel near Klipriviersberg has some of the best chocolate milkshake anywhere. Try it next time your are at the venue.

The waitress recommended the chicken hamburger – and it was indeed tasty.
Keep well everyone – looking forward to seeing you at the next hike and lunch.
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