Sunday Hike and Lunch – 3rd July 2016-19

Sunday Hike and Lunch – 3rd July 2016

I got a bit worried when I listened to the weather forecast on the news on Saturday night – the forecast for the following day, Sunday the 3rd July was 3C min and 15C max… (more below…)
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Photos: Courtesy of Niren Singh
At the meeting place close to the parking area at Klipriviersberg the weather was cold but not uncomfortable. After the meet and greet and the photo session we walked to the nature reserve. We enjoyed the beautiful view at the 1st lookout point and the weather there was pleasant… soon it warmed up.
One of the highlights was observing Annette … prepare her tea. In Tony’s “room with a view mountain retreat”, Annette sat on a rock as comfortably as she could, then she proceeded to remove various items from her very well organised backpack: a small aluminium wind-breaker which stood in a circle and in the middle she placed a tiny camp stove. Out of Annette’s backpack then came a steel cup, water, fresh milk, sugar and…. a tea-bag!!
Sunday Hike and Lunch – 3rd July 2016-24
And some fresh milk…

Sunday Hike and Lunch – 3rd July 2016-25
Anyone care to have some tea?

Photos: Courtesy of Annette Odendaal
We all had a good time watching the proceedings and Annette had a good time drinking her tea!
It was windy and cold at the beacon so we walked slightly down the southern part of the koppie where we sat for a small break.
Ladies and gentlemen, this Kufa guy is super fit – we had difficulty in keeping up with him but we enjoyed his company. Thank you Sir.
Very sad to see broken markers along some of the routes  – these markers had been recently painted and positioned at strategic places. Do people derive pleasure from vandalizing property?
Thaba Ya Batswana Eco Hotel is a beautiful venue and it is always pleasant going there.
Sunday Hike and Lunch
I enjoyed the chocolate milkshake (after a good hike nothing beats a chocolate milkshake) and I enjoyed a delicious chicken hamburger and chips. Natalie was not so lucky. She waited a long time for her fillet steak and when it finally arrived she had to send it back… Cara was equally unfortunate with her pizza.
I am pleased to inform that the 3rd July was the “official launch” of the ‘Fun Seekers Milkshake Club’.
Sunday Hike and Lunch – 3rd July 2016-7
Sunday Hike and Lunch - chocolate milkshake
Thaba Ya Eco Hotel near Klipriviersberg has some of the best chocolate milkshake anywhere. Try it next time your are at the venue.

Thank you: to everyone who participated in the hike and/ or attended the lunch; to Niren and Ilona for co-hosting and to Annette, Billy and Niren for the great shots.
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Photos: Courtesy of Billy Jack
Welcome to our City:
Abdu (Niger), Annette and Everdt (Pretoria), Cara (New York) and David from Barcelona.
It was great meeting friends and making new friends.
Looking forward to seeing you all at our next hike at Klipriviersberg and at lunch at the beautiful Thaba Ya on Sunday the 7th August.

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  1. Cool Stuff ………glad you fun seekers had fun … hike is like tracing back the soul’s journey… excitingly good an experience

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