Struggling with Pull Ups? Strengthen These!

    Jeremy Ethier

One thing Jeremy is asked a lot is “how to do more pull ups” or “how to do pull ups if you can’t” in the first place. Although Jeremy attributes a lot of his back growth (width and depth) to weighted pull ups, getting to the point where you can start doing weighted pull ups can be difficult. This is because weakness in certain areas of your body can easily inhibit you from progressing and increasing your pull ups or even doing 1 pull up. In this video Jeremy shows  5 essential exercises that will help increase your pullups or help you get your first pull up if you can’t yet, and he will provide you with a progression routine that you can use to get more pull-ups overtime. Jeremy shows how to do pull ups if you can’t and he explains why he believes these are the best exercises for pull ups.

Jeremy mentions about 5 ‘Areas of Weakness’ that are preventing you from achieving your pull ups objectives:

1. weak brachioradialis
2. shoulder/ scapular stabilizers
3. lack of motor control
4. lack of core stability
5. weak overall back strength

Jeremy recommends 5 exercises that will enable you to master a pull-up:

Exercise #1 Scapular Pull-Ups (strengthens the shoulder ans scapular stabilizers)
Exercise #2 – Negative Pull-Ups (increases upper-back strength and core stability)
Exercise #3 – Assisted Pull-Ups (improves upper back strength and motor control)
Exercise #4 – Inverted Rows (improves upper back strength and motor control)
Exercise #5 – Reverse Curls (increases brachioradialis strength). Note: pull-ups with an overhand grip exhibits the highest involvement of the brachioradialis). Easy to train by performing reverse grip dumbell curls or reverse grip easy bar curls.


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