Strava Challenge - MA RA TH ON Worldwide Team Relay

Strava Challenge – MA RA TH ON Worldwide Team Relay

Strava launches challenges basically on a daily basis – these challenges motivate you to keep fit, you meet friends and you make new friends all over the world. You can take part on a Strava challenge anywhere in the world and you can have friends participate in different parts of the world. What technology can do…

The MA RA TH ON challenge was hosted on the 6th and the 7th June. Anyone wishing to participate in this challenge had to be in a Team of 4 and each participant had to do a 10.5 Km. In our particular Team Derek and Jonny are based in England, Gerald in Madrid and I am in Johannesburg.

Derek Gibson

Gerald Lima

Jonny Wignall

Tony de Sousa
South Africa

Sergey Smirnov (a Pro from Russia) wanted to join our Team but each Team can only have 4 Members. Serg went on to do an impressive 32 Km in 3 hours (5:41/ Km). Well done Serg!

I didn’t realise how fit my Team Members were. I didn’t bring the Team into disrepute (or perhaps I did with my slow pace…) but regrettably I did increase the overall Team Time. Nonetheless I had great fun and I made new friends in Russia, Spain and in the UK.

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People are joining Strava challenges in their numbers. The MA RA THO ON WorldWide Team Relay had over 104000 (one hundred and four thousand) participants. Impressive!!

At the time of writing Geoffrey Kamworor from Kenya is the current leader. He covered 10.6 Km in a time of 30:08 with an avg pace of 2:51/ Km. Remarkable!

Strava has many features and the App can be used in various sporting activities. Strava is particularly useful in cycling, running, walking and hiking.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Members of my Team viz. Derek, Gerald and Jonny. Thank you also to Serg for your understanding. Thanks Guys – keep up the good work.

Featured photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

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