Some Fun Facts About Rowing

Some Fun Facts About Rowing

Some Fun Facts about Rowing

How long is an eight boat?

An eight has an average length of 19.9m and a minimum weight of 96Kg.

How tippy is a single scull?

Quite tippy. Rowing the single takes practice, like learning to ride a bike.

How many calories does a rower eat in a day?

A rower can eat up to 8000 calories a day!!

What does a coxwain do?

The coxwain steers the boat, motivates the crew and helps establish the power and rhythm of the boat.

Who are people on bikes that follow the races?

They are coaches communicating with their athletes.

How long is a sweep oar?

A sweep oar is typically 3,7m to 3,76m long.

How many strokes do rowers take in a 2000m race?

The average number of strokes taken in a race is about 210 to 230.

How many hours does an elite rower train in a year?

About 1200 hours per year (3 to 4 hours every single day)!!

How are boats transported?

The eights are dismantled into 2 pieces and transported with the smaller boats using specialised trailers.

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