Rowing Land Training – Henley Royal Regatta


  • The ergo builds strength and endurance
  • the ergo trains the aerobic metabolic process which contributes to 75-80% of energy used in a race
  • Great Britain Men’s – 4 rowed 200 – 250Km a week before winning Olympic Gold at London 2012
  • 60% of the stroke power comes from the legs
  • squats and deadlifts are most effective for developing leg strength
  • Pete Reed (2x Olympic Champion) wrote: “To maintain an efficient rowing technique you need a strong core”
  • 30% of the stroke power comes from the core
  • planks, press-ups and sit-ups = most effective for developing core strength
  • 10% of the stroke power comes from the arms
  • high testosterone levels and body temperature = best weight training results
  • athletes focus on higher reps and lighter weights to build endurance and lower reps and higher weights to build strength
  • on average, training the inspiratory muscles can improve your 5000m time by 00:36
  • Olympic Champion Peter Reed has the largest lung capacity on record 11.86 litres (vs the average UK male just under 6 litres)

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