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If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen 

Bill Fudge

How Big is Strava

Strava has been downloaded by 50+ million people in 195 countries and it attracts a million new users a month. Twenty five activities are uploaded to Strava every second which implies 15.3 million activities a week.

What is Strava used for

Strava is an internet service used for tracking human exercise which incorporates social network features. It is mostly used for cycling, walking, running, hiking, swimming and skiing using GPS data. The free version of Strava allows you to track your workouts and see stats for your cycling, walking, running, hiking, swimming and skiing activity logs, as well as discover local clubs, fitness events, and challenges. It also acts as a social media app for fitness, letting you give “kudos” to friends’ posts, pictures and exercise logs. The premium version has even more features.

I have been using the free version of Strava for the past 3 years and I use it for walking, running and hiking. I have the Wattbike app that syncs to my Strava profile. I use the ErgData app for my Concept 2 indoor rowing which also syncs to my Strava profile.

When walking, running or hiking I get the following stats: detailed GPS tracking, maps, distance, moving time, elevation, speed, calories, etc…

Besides the useful data, one makes friends and one is inspired by them. You can also embed your own workout on a website or share it on social media. I hike once a month (COVID protocols permitting) and I can easily embed the hike on my website as per the example below:

Download Strava Free

Simply open your device’s app store (the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices), search for Strava, and download the app. On your computer, it’s even easier: Open your web browser and head to

We look forward to your Review – if you are using Strava what is your experience?

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Outstanding! Strava is a must have App!!

Rated 5 out of 5

If you enjoy walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming and/ or skiing, Strava is a must have App. Strava developers launch new useful features on an ongoing basis. Strava is one of those Apps you wonder why you haven’t used it earlier…


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