Rand Lords Heritage Walk, Kensington 2018

The ‘Rand Lords Heritage Walk, Kensington 2018’ will be hosted on Heritage Day, Monday the 24th Sept. 2018. We will meet at 8:30am in the parking lot of the Kensington Bowling Club, Ivanhoe Street, just off Roberts Avenue, Kensington, Johannesburg.

The itinerary includes:

Kensington Bowling Club

The oldest bowling Club in Johannesburg established in 1914.

Lion House

Built in 1907 -1909 by George Wollacott, who was a master decorator of stucco work.

Kensington Sanatorium (Pink Fairy Castle) and Chapel 

Built in 1897, administered by French Sisters of ‘The Holy Family Order’ until 1915.

Jeppe High School for Boys

Designed by Sir Herbert Baker, Jeppe High School for Boys was built in 1909. The School is named after Julius Jeppe. Prime Minister Jan C. Smuts unveiled the Word War 1 Memorial.

Scottish Horse Memorial

Scottish Horse Memorial was erected in memory of the officers and men who died during the South African Anglo-Boer War in 1901-1902.

Dykeneuk (Stone House)

Designed by Sir Herbert Baker in 1904.

GREAT NEWS: Isabella Pingle will be offering 1 Heritage Map to every participant on this Walk.


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