Rafael Nadal Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Rafael Nadal Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Rafael Nadal Workout and Diet Plan

Vamos Rafa!

Australian Open: Rafael Nadal defeats Daniil Medvedev in five-set epic to win record 21st Grand Slam title

Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera is a Spanish professional tennis player. He is ranked world No. 5 by the Association of Tennis Professionals, has been ranked No. 1 in the ATP rankings for 209 weeks and has finished as the Year-End No. 1 five times. Nadal has won 21 Grand Slam men’s singles titles, the most in history.

Body Stats

Height1.85 m (6 ft 1 inch)
Weight85 Kg (188 lbs)
Shoe size10 (US)

Diet Plan

Rafael Nadal follows a healthy and balanced diet. He usually eats meat when he feels like it, actively hates cheese, and apparently loads up on fruits and veggies when given the chance. He’s also a great lover of olives.

  • Breakfast: Fresh bread, olive oil, Iberian ham, and orange juice
  • Lunch: Fish, meat, olives, fresh veggies, and cannoli
  • During Match Play: Sports beverage, water
  • Post Match: Protein shake, filtered seawater
  • Dinner: Paella, shrimp dumplings, chocolate and and a cocktail.

According to reports in Forbes and Business Insider, Rafa’s diet includes everything from steamed fish to shrimp dumplings. He once said that he loves eating olives because of the health benefits while admitting that it probably wasn’t healthy to eat as many olives as he ate in a day. Salted Iberina Ham is one of Rafale Nadal’s favourites.

Before a competition I eat pasta, white rice and fish. I also drink energy drinks to stay hydrated and fit for the next challenge.

Rafael Nadal

Workout Routine

What is Rafael Nadal workout routine? When it comes to training, Rafael Nadal reportedly sticks to a tried-and-true workout routine. That means getting busy with the weights workouts during the off-season and then focusing on tennis-related workouts once the regular season starts up.

Golf has helped me maintain my competitive edge during my five-month foot injury lay-off.

Rafael Nadal


Rafa stretches for up to an hour every morning. Then he stretches again both before and after execution and before and after his gym training. It’s the only method to keep those muscles spry and ready for anything.

Tennis Practice

The tennis star spends up to 4 hours of practice per day during the season, hitting the court after breakfast and not leaving until early afternoon. During practice, he’s performing several tennis-related workouts, including short sprints, footwork drills, racket swings, and ball drills.

Gym Workout

During the pre-season, he gets busy with the weight training. He works on strengthening his core by way of several resources and regimes during the regular season includin:

1. Power Plate

As a recurring warm-up regime, Nadal uses the power plate. A vibrating platform that contracts the muscles at very high speeds. It apparently improves with blood circulation, muscle strength, and range of motion. He adopts several poses to cover the whole body and frequently returns to the machine during his workout.

2. Resistance Bands

This workout enable strength and mobility during gameplay.

3. Core Body Workout

Rafa performs standing sit-ups (with resistance bands), push-ups, pull-ups, and medicine ball workouts to improve his core strength. He also employs a variety of balancing acts and ab exercises atop the exercise ball.

FAQ about Rafael Nadal Workout Routine and Diet Plan

How many hours a day does Nadal train?

He usually trains 5 to 6 hours a day. His training includes Tennis practice and Gym workouts. These workouts may include Power plates, Resistance bands, Core body workouts, and Stretching.

What does Rafael eat in a day?

The answer is 5 or 6 meals a day. His diet consists of fresh bread, olive oil, Iberian ham, orange juice, fish, meat, olives, fresh veggies, cannoli, sports beverages, protein shake, filtered seawater, paella, chocolate and cocktail.

How many calories does he eat in a day?

About 4700 calories a day.

What is Rafael Nadal’s favorite food?

The king of clay two favorite foods are chocolate and his mother’s homemade seafood paella. In general, he loves to consume seafood more than any other type of food.

Does tennis tone your body?

Tennis is a full-body exercise that engages the legs, shoulders, arms, back, and core. The explosive movements needed to play tennis support tone muscle and the extended gameplay also provide participants with a great cardio exercise.

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