The Bedfordview Kensington Walk and Brunch – 2023 Feb 26

Photos – The Bedfordview Kensington Walk and Brunch – 2023 Feb 26

Intro – The Bedfordview Kensington Walk and Brunch – 2023 Feb 26

We had quite a large group with pleasant people as always. Sunny skies and a comfortable 18 C (64 F). The entrance Hall at Jeppe Boys never ceases to impress participants and some of us enjoyed a bacon and omelette sandwich that sells for R40 each at the school. Proceeds go to help keep the pipe band going. The bacon and omelette fueled our return to base😋

We had a fast start to the walk but the pace mellowed down as we hit the steep incline on Highland road. Highland road does not just offer a great workout (no flat area… you are either climbing or going down a hill) but it is also beautifully lined with magnificent Jacaranda trees both sides of the road.

Jacarandas are dying of Oleander Scorch Disease

Many Jacaranda trees are dying. The glassy winged sharpshooters that can infect jacarandas carry the lethal Xylella fastidiosa bacteria. If a tree is infected, it develops oleander scorch disease, for which there is no cure at present. Why doesn’t the government support a project at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) to identify possible solutions to the dreaded disease?

Tijuca National Park in Rio de Janeiro is claimed to be the world’s largest urban forest, covering some 39.58 square kilometres (15.28 sq mi). While Johannesburg may not be the “largest human-made forest in the world” it can certainly claim to be the “largest human-made urban forest in the world” with more than 10 million trees. A remarkable feat!

Johannesburg will be in a sad state if its magnificent Jacaranda trees disappear.

Thank you to all who participated. We did our 1000 calories workout👍👌👏😎. Thank you Mena, Sylvia, Teresa and Tony for the great photos.

We ended our walk with a tasty brunch at Fournos, Bedford Centre😋😋

The Route – The Bedfordview Kensington Walk and Brunch – 2023 Feb 26

The Route – Distance, Time and Calories Burnt

Distance: 11.29 km

Moving time: 2:21:49

Total time: 2:41:14

Calories: 1,027

The Route on Strava

Photo Gallery

Scottish Horse Memorial
Sherelle about to enjoy her brunch
We all enjoyed the brunch as well as the amazing company. Thanks to all🙏

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