Sex is the only Workout that Engages every Muscle in your Body

Not only does sex burn lots of calories, but new research shows it is the only workout that engages every single muscle of the human body. If running, climbing, lifting or cycling doesn’t… Continue reading

Klipriviersberg Sunday Hike and Lunch at Thaba Eco Hotel

It was a pleasant, cool morning in Johannesburg and it soon warmed up. It got quite hot particularly towards the end of the hike. The nature reserve was lush and green. The ‘Friends… Continue reading

The Walter Sisulu Trail Walking and Sunday Brunch

The Walter Sisulu Trail Walking and Sunday Brunch at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens Thanks to everyone who participated, to Hester for Hosting and to Annette Odendaal and Teresa for the fantastic photos.… Continue reading

99-Year-Old Upsets 92-Year-Old in Thrilling Sprint

Seven years and 0.05 seconds separated Orville Rogers and Dixon Hemphill at the 2017 Masters Indoor Track Championships. Orville Rogers, left, races Dixon Hemphill at the 2017 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field… Continue reading

The 6 Worst Foods to Eat Before Having Sex and the 5 Best

It’s date night, and before you’re even dressed for going out, you have your sights set on the sexy play you hope will follow. Dining together can serve as awesome foreplay, bringing pleasure… Continue reading

The Ultimate Navy SEAL Workout

  Navy SEALs are some of the toughest and most highly trained men in the American military. Because they conduct dangerous missions both in the water and on land and often under the… Continue reading

Compliments Have the Same Effect on the Brain as Orgasms

The feeling you get when someone pays you a compliment may not be as good as sex, but it likely feels similar — and that’s no coincidence. According to an article recently published… Continue reading

Trim, Tone, and Lose Weight and Inches from your Belly and Body

Trim, Tone, and Lose Weight & Inches from your Belly & Body – Is your Belly Size Hurting your Health? 1/11 Your waist size can be an indicator of your overall health Women… Continue reading

Should I be Eating Egg Yolks every Day?

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Dueling Quarterback Diets: Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady

Nutrition experts discuss the diets of dueling NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. It’s a pretty good bet that NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Matt Ryan aren’t eating anything close to what… Continue reading

How Does Running Affect your Sex Life?

Runners may have endurance on the roads—but what about between the sheets? Do long workouts sap energy for other types of workouts? And how do elite runners manage to make babies while running… Continue reading

Klipriviersberg Sunday Hike and Lunch at Thaba Eco Hotel – 5 Feb 2017

It was a cool and cloudy morning in Johannnesburg. There were 19 people in our initial group which was divided into the 11.5Km ‘fit’ group and the 13.5Km ‘super-fit’(?) group. There was no… Continue reading