Videos – USRowing

Good Rowing 2 USA Olympic M8+ Morning Training Row After training in Chula Vista, CA for the majority of the summer, the M8+ spent a week in Princeton. This was their final row… Continue reading

What you should know about Processed Meat

Processed meat: It’s not all in tubes, cans, or plastic packaging. Find out what you need to know about it. 1/14 What Is Processed Meat? There’s no clear definition — it’s more of… Continue reading

Testing my maxes: DIPS and PISTOL SQUATS!

The halfway test week of Calisthenic Movement’s Level 5 program is all but done and dusted. I’ve finally got the last 2 moves wrapped up and ready to share with you! Today was… Continue reading

12 Workouts to Improve your Mood

By nature, humans are moody creatures. And as much as we’d love to feel good and be happy all the time, it’s not always possible. Sometimes we’re anxious, distracted, sad, angry, exhausted, anxious… Continue reading

Testing my Maxes: L Sits and Pull Ups!

Originally posted on Straight Talking Fitness :
Following on from Wednesday’s testing of Skin The Cats & Handstand Push ups, it was time to test my L-sit and Pull up, as part of Calisthenic…

Skinny Sipping: Best and Worst Drinks for Losing Weight

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This is the Best Workout for Weight Loss, according to Science

  Turn your gym routine into kilojoule-torching gold When you’re working out to drop kilos, choosing a plan or even just a class that gives you the most fat-burning power for your hour… Continue reading

How you can get a Cover Model Body: Pro Tips from Du Toit Botha

Go big or go home. That’s the philosophy of South African Du Toit Botha, South Africa’s Men’s Health Cover Guy Competition runner-up. This full-time personal trainer from Somerset West got to where he… Continue reading

Is the Weather Making you Sick?

Test your knowledge of how the weather affects your health with this quiz. 1/8 You can have heatstroke if your body temperature hits: 102F (38.9C) 104F (40C) 106F (41.1C) A: 104F (41.1C) – If… Continue reading

World Life Expectancy is Rising Significantly — Except in the US 

A surprising new study maintains that the average life expectancy will increase in most developed countries by the year 2030. If you want to live longer, where you live may play a factor.… Continue reading

Masters Marathon Legend Ed Whitlock Dies at 86

Ed Whitlock, the Canadian runner who rewrote the 70+ record books and forever altered conceptions of human endurance performance in older age, died on Monday in Toronto, not far from his home in… Continue reading

High-Protein Snacks you can Eat on the Go

  Have you ever come home from work and polished off a bag of potato chips while cooking a healthy dinner? Felt the midday slump? Had trouble losing weight or gaining muscle? The… Continue reading