5 Hidden Health Benefits of Alcohol 

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What’s Really In Your Protein Powder? The Answer May Surprise You 

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Hemp Seeds + Chocolate Protein Shake

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Hiking Benefits Heart, Mind, and Body

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81-Year-Old Runs 18th Straight Chicago Marathon

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Sulphites in Wine: Friend or Foe?

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How to do the Arnold Press – Maximize Shoulder Growth

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This Leg Exercise also works your Core, Shoulders, and Back – Goblet Stepup

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The Home-Body Strength Workout 

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The 6 Most Effective Core Exercises for Distance Athletes 

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Is your Protein Shake Killing your Workout? 

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Sunday Hike – Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – 2016 Oct 2

We had quite a large group (18 hikers on the 13.5Km and 14 hikers on the 11,5Km group). As always it was great meeting “old” friends and making new ones. Bienvenue to our… Continue reading

Sunday Brunch and Coffee Club Bedfordview-2016 Sept 25

Great meeting friends and making new ones. A most enjoyable run/ walk, meal and social. We had perfect weather for the run/ walk and beautiful surrounds. Very tasty prego and ‘pastel de nata’.… Continue reading

10 Foods You Should Break Up With Right Now 

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How to Do a Rolling Overhead Triceps Extension 

There’s nothing wrong with a regular triceps extension. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. In this variation—the rolling overhead triceps extension—you’ll focus on just the eccentric, or lowering, phase of… Continue reading