One Million Meters on an Indoor Rower

One Million Meters on an Indoor Rower 👌

It was hard work at times but… overall fun. One million meters on a rower is a milestone for me however this is ‘small fry’ when compared to the distances covered by rowing aficionados.

One Million Meters on an Indoor Rower

I have had the good fortune of having rowing partners such as Daniel Kendall, Jonny Wignall and Walt Axthelm.

Daniel Kendall – Daniel has been my rowing partner since I joined indoor rowing. He has provided me with very useful guidance. Daniel has a cool 15 million meters under his belt and counting. Taking into account that the distance between London and New York is 5,567 Km it implies that Daniel has rowed the equivalent distance of New York to London, back to New York and is now about to reach London again… 😅😅😅
Jonny Wignall – Jonny is a past UK Powerlifting Champion and over the years he has own various titles in the UK Ironman and in British Triathlons.
Walt Axthelm – We follow each other on Strava. Walt enjoys cycling (both outdoor and indoor) and rowing and he does a few hundred kilometers every week. Guess what? Walt is a ‘young’ 86 years ‘old’! Truly remarkable!

I also consider myself very fortunate with the fact that I have met many friends on Strava. Great people who enjoy being active, healthy and fit. They are all inspirational!!

Thank you all Ladies and Gentlemen 👌🌝👍👌😎

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