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National Sandwich Day – November 3

Happy Sandwich Day😋

The humble sandwich, the go-to lunch for millions of people across the UK, USA and beyond, is having its well-deserved day in the sun. National Sandwich Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom as well as in the United Sates on November 3. The 3rd November has also been adopted as National Sandwich Day in many other countries.

The sandwich’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It is easy to prepare, easy to eat on-the-go, it can be nutritious and delicious too. The late Queen professed to keeping an ’emergency marmalade sandwich’ in her bag. (1)

How it all began

The sandwich we know and love today was created in 1762 in England. Most food historians agree that the sandwich is the product of John Montagu, “the 4th Earl of Sandwich.” Montagu was known for being a problematic gambler, spending hours upon hours at the card table.

During one of his long days of playing, he worked up an appetite and requested something from the kitchen that he could eat with his hands, without needing to get out of his seat. He was brought a sandwich—two pieces of bread filled with meat in the middle.

Americans really started to step up their sandwich game during the Great Depression, when sandwiches like the iconic Po’Boy were created in New Orleans. Two streetcar workers came up with the idea during a streetcar strike. They promised to feed other streetcar workers who were on strike and out of money, for free. Other early sandwiches that began to appear across the country around this time included: the Sloppy Joe (named after a line cook named Joe), and the Reuben (2)

Favourite sandwiches enjoyed in the UK

1. Egg and cress

2. Marmalade

3. Submarine (Sub)

Offered by popular sandwich shop Subway, a submarine sandwich commonly known as a ‘sub’ is a cylindrical butty that is essentially filled with goodness such as meat, salad and layered cheese.

According to TimeOut, the top three Subway fillings were all meat-laden subs packed with a combination of spicy salami, pepperoni and Black Forest ham.

4. Coronation chicken

Chicken sandwich with herbs and spices and complemented with a dollop of creamy mayonnaise.

5. Chicken club sandwich

Loaded with layers of bread, meat, lettuce and juicy tomato.

6. Chicken and bacon

Favourite sandwiches in the United States

In the United States there are some pretty delicious sandwich inventions. The cheesesteak and sloppy joe are American classics. Don’t forget the muffuletta or the Monte Cristo. Americans love their Po boys and grilled cheese and pork tenderloins. There are a few more delicious options:

  • BLT
  • Club
  • Dagwood
  • French Dip
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Pilgrim (3)

My favourite sarnie

Fresh baked bread roll or two slices of toast with slices of gouda or cheddar cheese, tomato, cucumber, a boiled egg (or two), some onion, olive oil, pepper and peri-peri powder (jalapeno pepper powder). Add a few olives on the side. I won’t ever get tired of this recipe!!😋


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    Featured image: Photo by Adela Cristea

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