My Year in Sport - 2020

My Year in Sport – 2020

My Year in Sport – 2020. I am enjoying Strava. The Strava app records details of workouts such as time, distance, calories, GPS coordinates, etc… Additionally you meet friends, make new friends and motivate one another. Strava is for all ages. A friend of mine’s daughter (18) is on Strava… Walt (87-years young) is on Strava and having a grand time. I am using the free Strava version – they also have a paid version. Well, the year-end results for all those who are on Strava have just been announced…

We are all pushed for time but it is encouraging to see so many people contributing to to their own health and fitness.

Strava continually releases new useful features. A not so new feature is the ‘Your Year in Sport’ where one gets in summary form one’s accomplishments for the past year. Strava also has the ‘Training Calendar’ for each year where you can see your activities on a monthly basis for different years.

My workouts are nothing to write home about but I am very pleased that I set aside some time for them.

Strava normally publishes ‘Your Year in Sport’ around the middle of December. To see your personalized report, log into your account on the Strava mobile app and select Profile from the bottom navigation menu. The Year in Sport report is an in-app experience (only on your mobile phone) and therefore is not available on or on your computer.

The in-app experience for the 2020 personalized report is mind-blowing. It would be great if this would also be also available on one’s computer.

My Year in Sport - 2020
My Year in Sport - 2020
My Year in Sport - 2020

A very Happy Festive Season to all my Blog Readers, my Strava Friends and respective Families.

May the New Year be Safe and Prosperous.

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