My Year in Sport 2019

Thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me.

If I compare my results of ‘Year in Sport 2019’ to the results of those I follow on Strava such as Hans S. (Netherlands), Mark Mendes (South Africa), Mike Ramseyer (UK), Jonny Wignall (UK), Trevor Silvera (the Philippines – who cycles some 70 Kms/ day) then my Year in Sport 2019 is just a drop in the ocean… but hey, I had fun, met nice people and increased my overall fitness.

A special thank you to my rowing partner, Daniel Kendall in Michigan, USA who averages a cool 20Km/ day on the indoor rower.

So, my Year in Sport 2019 was as follows (L to R on the diagram below): I walked 48Kms, cycled 956 Kms, ran 11 Kms (I don’t run these days…), hiked 106 Kms (thanks to the Klipriviersberg Team viz. David, Jan, Niren, Sylvia and everyone else who cared to join us in ‘fun in the sun’). I also indoor-rowed 626 Kms (I am trying to match Daniel but yes… mission impossible). Thanks guys!


  • total distance: 1763 Kms
  • total time: 177 hours
  • total elevantion: 4290 m

If you are reading this post and you enjoy activities such as walking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, make sure you register on Strava.

It is amazing how many people around the world are on Strava (below).

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