My Year in Sport 2018 – Strava

My Year in Sport 2018 – Strava

I joined Strava on 3rd Sept 2018 and I am incredibly impressed by all the free features Strava offers. Their latest is ‘My Year in Sport’ where Strava gives you a summary of all your sporting activities.

In my case it shows:

  • Most active month: October ( I joined Sept 3, 2018)
  • Most active time of the day: 12pm
  • Most kudoed activity: Dec 22, 33,4 Km Wattbike Just Ride
  • Total Time: 35 hours (inc. Rowing: 14 hours; Ride: 9 hours; Running: 3 hours)
  • Total distance: 461,6 Km (inc. Ride: 224,8 Km; Rowing 174,2 Km and Running 20,9 Km).

Click the link to check out my highlights of 2018.

To make your own click:

Kudos to Strava!

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