My First 80 Km Ride in 2023

My First 80 Km Ride in 2023

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The last 15 Km were difficult. I hadn’t been on a bike/ indoor bike in a while but I am super pleased I completed the 80 Km. Some of my friends on Strava do a 100+ Km regularly – it is quite a long list of accomplished amateur cyclists. Hats off to Bill Fudge, Carlos Segnini, Eurico Oliveira, Joe Almeida, Jonny Wignall, Mark Mendes, Mike Giles, Mike Ramseyser, Rui Francisco, Salvador Sp, Sergio Murray, Trevor Silvera Sr., Vianney Koelman and Walt Axthelm.

The Big Guns

Joe Almeida and Mike Ramseyser go the extra mile. Joe recently did the 750 Km ‘End to End Portugal’ and he has also has been involved in Charity rides including long distance cycle events from Johannesburg to Cape town (1400 Km) and Johannesburg to Maputo. Mike Ramseyser cycled from London to Venice… Mike did the London to Venice cycle twice already and he is planning a 3rd trip. And here I am… making a song and dance about my tiny 80 Km ride😁🚴‍♂️

Wattbike Hub

The Wattbike Hub is a training and analysis platform made up of a mobile/ tablet app (available on Android and iOS), cloud storage and web app. I am on the free version and one gets lot’s of useful details about one’s performance. You can also connect your Wattbike hub to Strava.

My First 80 Km Ride in 2023
My First 80 Km Ride in 2023

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  1. We all started from zero and 80km is nothing to frown at.. The body is amazing and will adapt to almost any physical hardship. The mind is what controls the body. All it takes is motivation. Ride safe.

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