My First 26 Km on a Wattbike

A Wattbike is an indoor training bike that replicates the smooth feel of the road and measures your performance with precise power data. It is versatile in that depending on your workout, you can lose weight or muscle up and it is suitable for all ages.

My First 26 Km on a Wattbike - A row of Wattbikes at Virgin Active Bedfordview
A row of Wattbikes at Virgin Active Bedfordview.

How does the Wattbike compare to other indoor bikes? According to the experts there is no comparison! It is everything and more, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend go-getter or just someone who has the desire to be fit and healthy.
A Wattbike is an indoor trainer that improves your performance. Real ride feel technology, cutting edge analysis and unrivaled accuracy. You can train at home if you have your own Wattbike or train in a gym. Many cities including Johannesburg have ‘Wattbike Studios’ where you attend a group session coached by a Professional biker.
I decided to incorporate the Wattbike into my gym workout. Today was thus my first ride. I did 26Km in an hour and it was fun.
It is quite easy to download the Wattbike App to one’s smartphone (I still have to go back and re-set my date of birth). Other than that it is straight forward. Once you are on a Wattbike, turn on the Performance Monitor (on the Wattbike) and then turn on your Wattbike App on your smartphone. Your Wattbike App on your smartphone will sync with your Performance Monitor on the Wattbike you are on.
Once you are back at home, the results displaying on your smartphone will sync to your computer.
Resources: – this is a very useful site where your results will display.
Below the results for my session today (screenshots 1 to 4). Click on a screenshot to enlarge it. Results will also sync to Strava and Google Fit should you be using these Apps.
My First 26 Km on a Wattbike



Your results will sync to Strava and display as follows:


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