My 500,000 Lifetime Meters on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower

Today I did a 1-hour session (12,6Km) on the Concept 2 indoor rower. This brings me to a total of 500,000 Lifetime Meters (500 Km to-date). Rowing is a full body workout and it is a most enjoyable activity.

I would like to thank everyone who have motivated me. There is a huge list of names of people who have had a positive influence in my life (the list would fill-up a book) but here I am specifically focusing on rowing:

Andrew Gibb, my ex on water rowing Partner. It was great fun doubling with Andrew – many memorable rows doubling with Andrew at Victoria Lake, Germiston (Johannesburg).

Andrew has a sharp mind, an extensive knowledge of rowing both on water rowing as well as the ergo. I got many useful tips from Andrew.

Daniel Kendall – my indoor rowing Training Partner. You won’t find a better coach and rowing Partner. Daniel has 12,5 million meters under his belt and counting… Daniel lives in Royal Oak, Michigan USA and I am in Johannesburg – the marvel of the internet! I have learnt a great deal w.r.t. Concept 2 indoor rowing from Daniel.

Just to keep things in perspective: I am happy with my 12,5 Km session on Sundays… Daniel does a 15-20 Km session every day!!! Wow!

Jonny Wignall – a Strava buddy. Jonny lives in Leyland, UK. He runs, cycles and rows… every single day! You won’t find a fitter person!

Sue Bradley-Donaldson – Sue re-introduced me to on water rowing. She is an experienced rower and both her husband and daughter are very good rowers. Thanks Sue, I certainly enjoyed rowing with you.

To end this post: today I did a 12,67 Km indoor rowing followed by a 50 Km wattbike ride. Feeling fit…

2018 May 1 – 2019 April 30
2019 May 1 to-date

4 thoughts on “My 500,000 Lifetime Meters on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower”

  1. Hello Tony, Congratulations on your 500,000 meter accomplishment, your halfway to your first 1 million meters on the indoor rower, I appreciate your humble words but I assure you and your readers that this season I’m not putting in the daily 15-20 thousand meter sessions, This season I have focused more on quality over quantity and as a result just yesterday I lowered my 5k PR by shaving of 9 seconds from my 2017 best 5k time, I’m very pleased to say the least, My next goal is the 10k where I’ll work towards a sub 40:00 at which would be a PR. It’s guys like you Tony that inspire myself to push the limits and when the time is right “Smash out a good session” But seriously it’s all about focussing in on our goals as I never “Smash” the ergo, that is entirely a mental picture leading up to a PR challenge, Smooth and steady is more like it, Carry on my friend. ?‍♀️ Daniel K.

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