My 310000m at the Fall Team Challenge 2022

My 310000m at the Fall Team Challenge 2022

I was not built for speed but maybe I deserve a medal for endurance. Very pleased to report that I did 310195m at the Fall Team Challenge 2022.

A few years ago my friend Daniel Kendall a pro in erg rowing introduced me to the Fall Team Challenge in which I have participated ever since. There are many Teams in this Challenge and one can join any Team or start your own Team and invite friends to your Team. You can view the Individual Board here and just get amazed by the distances some people accomplish.

Daniel also introduced me to the Ailish Sheehan All Stars Team.

The Ailish Sheehan All Stars Team was created by Austin Milne as a tribute and in loving memory of his cousin Ailish Sheenan who passed away so young and so tragically following an accident after winning Bronze at the 2016 FISU World University Championships for Rowing in Poznan, Poland. She was only 23.

IN MEMORIAM, Ailish Sheehan, LOSS OF A SHAMROCK SISTER by JOHN HEISLER, University of Notre Dame, USA

Below the results for our Team:

Hats off to Daniel Kendall. Daniel is at the top of the leader board with a cool 500000m! Daniel has done a remarkable lifetime 21804562 meters…unreal. You can also follow Daniel on Strava. But there is more: Hats off to Mary Hillman. Mary is very new to erg rowing but she did 100,911m on this Challenge. More than awesome👍👌👏🥳🎉🎈🚣‍♀️🚣‍♂️

And this is me😁

Strava is full of great features. It records your activities and allows one to make friends and encourage one another. I have received support and encouragement from many people. Thanks to all🙏

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