Learn to Row – How to Scull

Learn to Row – How to Scull

Two great videos by two experienced rowers if you are interested in learning to scull:

How to Set Up Your Scull

World-class rower Charlotte Hollings shows you how to set up your scull, get in, and push away from the dock. Watch as she demonstrates how to position your oars properly, balance the boat for entry, and adjust your rig height for optimum performance. Filmed at the private lake owned by Calm Waters.
Source: rowingwithcalmwaters


How to Scull – Sculling Technique – Rowing – Learn to Row

Sculling Academy founder, Steve Walker, gives the 1st lesson in sculling. To watch the next video about preventing capsize go and opt in at http://scullingacademy.com after all who wants to fall in? Steve is an expert rowing and sculling coach and won F1x at Henley Masters and the World Masters Rowing regattas in 2012.
Source: Stephen Walker

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