Learn to Row – Definitions

Interested in learning to row? Rowing is a most enjoyable sport activity: you get a full body workout and you meet great people. The images and videos on this page will hopefully motivate you to join a rowing club.

Rowing Boats

Learn to Row - Definitions-Rowing Boats

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Port Side and Starboard Side

Learn to Row - Definitions-Port and Starboard Side

Source: Stephanie’s Thoughts >

Bow Side and Stroke Side

Learn to Row - Definitions-Bow Side and Stroke Side

 Source: Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford >

Sections of the Boat

Learn to Row - Definitions - Sections of the Boat

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Bow Four and Stern Four


Learn to Row - Definitions-Bow Four and Stern Four

Source: Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford >

Good Rowing Technique


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Learn to Row - Definitions-Good Rowing Technique

Source: Clinton Rowing Club >

 Learn to Row - DefinitionsPhoto courtesy of Joy Loberg – Victoria Lake Rowing Club, Germiston, Johannesburg



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